Couples Therapy


When working with couples, I use the Gottman Method as the therapeutic framework. It is an approach to couples therapy that starts with a thorough assessment of the couple’s relationship and integrates research-based interventions.

Some couples seek ways to improve their relationship and prevent problems from developing. Other couples need help because they are in distress. I also work with couples who are not sure whether or not to continue together and are looking for a space to discuss their future. I have also helped couples who are separated to find approaches that help them to co-parent their children in the best possible way.

When I see couples who are considering divorce, I help them gain clarity and confidence regarding the future of their marriage, as well as give both spouses a deeper understanding on what has happened to their marriage. It is often helpful for people to see and understand what their personal contributions to the problems are.

I work with a variety of couples, including couples in polygynous marriages.


The assessment includes four sessions. The first one is a joint assessment. The second and third sessions are 50-minute individual interviews. Both spouses also complete an online questionnaire. During the fourth and final assessment session, the couple gets detailed feedback on their relationship. I will work with you and your spouse to figure out if couples work is the best way forward, and if it is, then together we will set goals that are achievable.

Couples Therapy and Interventions

The Gottman Method interventions are designed to help couples increase closeness and intimacy, heal from past hurts, create shared meaning and to manage conflict better by replacing negative conflict patterns with positive interactions. 

Couples seek therapy for:

  • Conflict and arguments
  • Poor communication
  • Emotional distance
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Betrayals of trust, including infidelity
  • Differences in values and beliefs, such as with money and parenting

Couples who are doing well can also benefit from counselling. Therapy assists in strengthening the relationship further, finding more joy in your shared lives and harnessing healthier ways to cope with issues as they arise in the future.

Frequency of sessions: Sessions are typically once a week until, together, we deem it appropriate to space sessions further apart.

Length of sessions: Couples sessions are typically 80 minutes. 

Duration of therapy: The length of therapy depends on the nature of your problems and their severity, as well as how long they have been going on. When it comes to therapy, you get out what you put in. Reaching your goals is a collaborative effort that takes place over time, and your participation and engagement will impact your rate of progress. 

Cost: The fee for the first 80-minute assessment session is 1345 AED and includes the cost of the online assessment. Subsequent 80-minute sessions are 1200 AED per session.


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