Welcome Hoopfull!

Hoopfull is a UAE based therapist directory helping you connect with the right therapist. All therapists on Hoopfull are qualified and licensed in the UAE.

Therapists are not created equal. Indeed, there are many people who call themselves therapists without any formal training or with insufficient training. Just as a woman who has had a baby is not an expert doula, neither is someone who has been married for three decades, a couples therapist.

The sad truth is that there are many of these so-called therapists in the UAE. They cause more harm than good. They also give therapists a bad name. Additionally, qualified clinicians often end up having to undo the damage caused by unqualified and unlicensed quacks.

It is easy for quasi-experts to dupe people in distress and people who have no prior experience of seeking therapy or psychological support. This is where Hoopfull comes in to help you out.

Find your therapist with confidence and ease

It can feel daunting to start looking for a therapist. You may not even be sure what kind of help you need exactly, or what options are available to you! How do you know if the person you have found knows what they are doing? How can you find out if they are the right fit?

At Hoopfull the process of finding the right clinician for you has been made as easy as possible.

You can search for a therapist by areas of specialisation, language, therapeutic approach or even age group.

Competent therapists have areas of speciliasation. Hence, they do not work with every age group and offer all services under the sun. If you meet one who says that they work with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families, run!

Hoopfull’s directory and search options save you time trying to find out which therapist is the right fit for your needs. Most importantly, Hoopfull’s directory makes the search for a competent, qualified and ethical clinician stress-free.