It may look like I have not been very  busy lately but I have, in fact, been busier than ever. All of my new content is now published on a new platform called Aurelia Psychology.

A digital mental health platform

My colleague Dr Ava Ghasemi and I have created Aurelia Psychology, a digital platform to help guide you towards better mental health. We believe that optimal mental health and well-being is not only necessary but also achievable. We also believe that your mental health reflects in how you relate to yourself, to others, and to your work.

Ava and I felt that as psychologists working in private practice we could only help and support a small number of people. We wanted to be able to reach a larger audience. We believe that the new perspectives and suggestions we have to offer can be of use to more than just our therapy clients.

Weekly Blogs on Relationships

We publish weekly blogs about the most important relationships in your life. We focus on your relationships with your self, your partner, your child and your work. You can read our weekly blogs here.

Free Mindful Journaling Workbooks

We have also created Ask Yourself series. With the help of our free downloadable mindful journaling workbooks you can deepen your understanding of and improve the quality of your most important relationships.

Click here to learn more about Aurelia Psychology. We create new content on an ongoing basis.

For those who are looking for professional support in their lives, I continue to offer Discernment Counselling, individual and couples therapy as well as couples workshops. You can contact me here.