My colleague Dr Ava Ghasemi-Holdich and I have created a relationship challenge to help you increase connection and happiness in your relationship with your partner, your child and your self. Let’s not allow the pandemic to push us emotionally further away from each other.

We will be sending you short and very practical challenges that encourage you to connect with your loved ones and with yourself. Some may be familiar to you and part of your daily life but others may be new. Use them as an opportunity to explore what a new way of being is like for you and to the people you connect with.

Our challenges are short and straightforward but they are also tools used in therapeutic interventions. Not all of them will work for you but some will. We encourage you to give them ago with an open mind and see what happens.

We have grouped the challenges into three categories: every third challenge aims to increase connection with your partner or spouse, every third challenge helps you bring more awareness into your relationship with your child or children and the final third of the challenges encourage you to stop and connect with your self.

If you are not in a relationship or are not parenting a child, you always have your own self, fortunately! You can do any of the challenges more than once. In fact, we hope that some of the daily challenges will become an integral part of your life.

Join us tomorrow as we start this journey!

If you want a sneak peek, here you go: 30-Day Relationship Challenge